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I'm the Founder of  IVF,

Consultant OBGYN Doctor 

I’m a Consultant doctor in obstetrics, gynecology and infertility, born in 1969 And I’m holding a doctorate degree in obstetrics and gynecology, fertility and genetics on reproduction, and I Have Participated in several international conferences that allow the use of the latest fertilization and genetics techniques to help couples' infertility problems. 

As well I’m a Member in:


European Society for Fertility and Assisted Reproduction Jordan Society for Obstetrics and Gynecology Former Associate Professor at the College of Medicine Former Associate Professor at Libya Hospitals.

And my work includes the following procedures:

  • All Kinds of major operations in Obstetrics & Gynecology with special.

  • skill in vaginal hysterectomy.

  • ART procedures (Updated Ovulation Induction Programs.

  • Egg retrieval, Embryo Transfer (ET), I.U.I.)

  •  Laparoscopy, Diagnostic and Therapeutic.

  •  Hysteroscopy, Diagnostic and Therapeutic.

Hi! I'm Dr. Hilal

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Rabbet Ammon Medical Center

We have managed since our inception in the field of IVF and ICSI, and Helping nearly 4,000 cases to conceive and give birth through the use of various technologies to aid pregnancy
We are considered as the best obstetrician and gynecologist and the best IVF medical center

As soon as our medical center was established at the beginning of 2012, the center includes the latest advanced technologies at the level of fertility in the world in assisting with pregnancy and one of the best medical, laboratory and therapeutic competencies, Where the high-quality devices meet with an experienced and highly qualified medical staff in addition to the existence of a strict quality system within the center's laboratories.

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Shmaisani IVF Center

A center specialized in implantation and freezing of zonal ova after activation operations for husbands and especially for the husband, where the process of withdrawing the sperm from the man, sifting it and distinguishing the mouths in it, and then establishing the appropriate atmosphere so that it is received after all the scientific circumstantial procedures are done and within a strict system and an internationally approved medical protocol.

A center specialized in treating infertility and assisting in pregnancy and childbearing, it has obtained a license from the Ministry of Health since (27.12.2015) and we are pleased to receive all patients from all countries of the world, knowing that the center contains the latest scientific findings of devices and technologies. The center is run by Dr. Hilal Abu Ghosh, a consultant of obstetrics and gynecology, infertility and IVF treatment, and a strict quality system is applied to ensure the best results. The Shmeisani Fertilization Unit is characterized by the latest methods 

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